Chancellor Puts Tax on Water…

By Martin Isark
Sugar Tax on water-based soft drinks will certainly help the Chancellor, George Osborne rake in a bit of extra cash. But I very much doubt it will address the obesity problem… that will only come when consumers stop drinking large quantities of sugary drinks. 

Most consumers have little or no idea how many millilitres or how much sugar they are drinking. So to help the drinker to cut down – there has to be a massive extra tax when you buy big bottles of sugary drinks. For example, ml for ml it should be very much cheaper to buy the smaller cans of cola than the big the 2 litre bottles –  whereas at the moment it is very much cheaper to buy the big bottles which encourages the consumer to have that extra glass because it’s cheap!

Want to know how much sugar is in your water-based soft drinks? Download the Can I Eat It? app




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