Martin’s Tasted Sloe & Plum Gin

By Martin Isark
Gin has now overtaken vodka as the cool drink, but what about the fruit infused versions like sloe and plum?  

The best sloe gins deliver sweet and sour twist that has your hand reaching for the next glass. And… they also work well as a flavoursome ingredient for bland white wine, fizz or summer cocktails.  

Plum Gin has the sweet black fruit flavour, but without the sour twist of the Sloe. The Foxdenton Winslow Plum version that I tasted, worked well has a sweet flavoursome mixer, but does not rock up neat.

They keep well once opened, so grab a bottle for when that fizz or white wine does not hit the spot.

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Sipsmith Sloe Gin
You’ll struggle to find a better Sloe Gin on any shelf. If the price fits. Put a bottle in the trolley. Tasted by Martin Isark

Gordon’s Sloe Gin
Want sloe gin? This drinks well straight up or as a flavoursome mixer for a bland fizz or white wine. Tasted by Martin Isark

Foxdenton Winslow Plum Gin
Does not have that I must have another mouthful quality of the best Sloe Gins, but it’s worth a punt if you want to add another dimension to a flavourless Pinot Grigio or Prosecco. Tasted by Martin Isark


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