Martin’s Tasted Lidl’s Cashew Nuts

By Martin Isark
I’ve tasted Lid’s Cashew Nuts!

Lidl, the cheap as chips ‘no frills’ supermarket does not score well if you are looking for Waitrose or Sainsbury’s-type standard of fitting or presentation on your trolley trundle, but their  Alesto roasted & salted cashew nuts packed in a ‘baked bean’-like tin  is a product that’s worth making a special detour for. They may have an equal somewhere in the world – but you won’t find better in a UK supermarket.  Check them out!

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Barcode: 20051013
LIDL Alesto Roasted & Salted Cashew Nuts
Cashew nuts in a ‘baked bean’-like tin! They taste much fresher than ones that have been packed in a packet! Want the freshest and the most moreish cashew nuts around? Put a tin or two in the trolley.Tasted by Martin Isark 


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