Martin’s tasted British Polo Gin made from Sugar Beet

By Martin Isark
I’ve tasted 42.7%,Quadruple Distilled, Hand Crafted Small Batch Polo Gin made from sugar beet!

The PR blurb claims what sets this Polo Gin apart from other Gins is that the complete distillation process is made at DA MHile, small Welsh Distillery (most Gins’ are made from a base spirit that’s made elsewhere), it is gluten free (all the gins are gluten-free check out Coeliac UK), organic and made from Sugar Beet whereas most Gins are produced from grain (others are from Potatoes & Molasses). It is smooth and has a sweet finish.

It all sounds good, but is it worth forty quid? No! If your at the Polo Club and you’ve just finished your chukka, and you want to slake your thirst with a Polo G&T then it will it hit the spot, but if you want a dry Martini it simply does not rock up. The botanicals deliver an elegant mix of peel fruits threaded with hint of spice on the nose, but sadly the middle palate through to the finish delivers an unpleasant aggressive burn.  Sorry no silky sweetness in this sugar beet Gin.
Score 6/10

Is it worth a punt? if you are in bar that sells it, go for it, but for most Gin & G&T drinkers – once will be enough. 

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