I’ve tasted Mamba Energy.

By Martin Isark

I’ve tasted Mamba Energy.
Want a pick-me-up drink? Then like most drinkers, you’ll grab can or two of Red Bull. You may not like the taste, but it hits the spot for going that extra mile, especially, if you’re partying or driving!  And if you want it turbo charged, add shot or two of vodka. Sorted!  

Red Bull, the Austrian made energy drink, is without doubt the world’s number 1 in its sector.  Many producers have tried to knock Red Bull off its perch, but it is still there strutting its stuff on the shelves.  Maybe the competition is missing a beat or they simply don’t rock-up.  Could Mamba, a British made energy drink, bite into the ‘Bull Market’? Danny Boulter, the founder, is very confident it will.

Danny Boulter asserts that he wanted to create an energy drink that tasted better than the competition. His aim was to have similar energy profile, but with a more palate friendly swallow.  Has he achieved his goal?

The taste of Mamba:

Similar colour to Red Bull and, it presents similar pear-drop notes on the nose.   The mid-palate onwards is far more elegant than Red Bull, Monster or Relentless. The initial sweet palate hit… is then harmoniously threaded with ripe citrus flavours, just sufficient to break up that sweetness and leave the palate clean and your tastebuds pleading for the next mouthful.  This is the only Energy Drink that I’ve tasted that has that ‘I must have another mouthful quality’.

The verdict:  On the taste front, Mamba has nailed it.

Does it Mix well? Yep. Want a refreshing drink that packs a punch? Try it with rum over ice and a twist of lime.

You won’t need ‘wings’ to Samba with Rum & Mamba!

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