Please join our Can I Eat It? ‘Put Sugar’on the Label Campaign NOW.

Please join our Can I Eat It? ‘Put Sugar’on the Label Campaign NOW.  

The amount sugar is not on the label of Children’s Vitamins & Food Supplements. Parents have the right to know how much sugar they are giving their children, especially, when some of these products have more sugar than a Mars Bar, and the Daily Dosage can be as much 42% of their recommended maximum daily intake.  

Join our ‘Put Sugar’on the Label Campaign NOW. 


Research Facts:

Many of the Children’s Vitamins & Food Supplements on the shelves are loaded with sugar, with some of the leading brands having over 80 grams per 100grams. A Mars Bar contains 59.9grams! The amount of sugar of a Mars Bar is shown clearly on the nutritional label, unfortunately, sugar per 100g or per dosage is not a legal requirement for these products and the high amount of sugar is not listed, whereas the relatively tiny amounts of active ingredients:  Zinc, Copper, Magnesium, Calcium, Vitamin A, B, C, D, Folic Acid, Biotin, Manganese… are all displayed with their quantities.

The problem if the producer does not display the amount of sugar:  

It means that parents are blissfully unaware that their children’s vitamin and food supplements are loaded with sugar. Especially, when the maximum recommended sugar intake for 4-6 year old is just 19g (or 17g if you live in America)!

Daily Dosage: When some multivitamin products contain 8g of sugar per serving and that’s over 42% of a child’s intake, remembering that these products are there to complement a regular diet not as substitute, therefore 42% is a massive chunk sugar out of child’s regular diet.

Join our  ‘Put Sugar’on the Label Campaign NOW. 

Contact: Martin Isark
Contact: Can I Eat It?

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