Our Martin has tasted two outstanding South African Sweeties from Dreyfus Ashby

By Martin Isark

Dreyfus Ashby are importers of very fine wine, and are generally regarded as the best suppliers in the World for South African and Loire Wines.  I’ve tasted several wines from the D A portfolio, but these two sweeties below really floated my boat.

Dreyfus Ashby are importers, and only generally sell to wine merchants, and they have minimum order of 5 cases, but these two wines below are well worth a punt if you are prepared to order the quantities.  Call Richard Kelly at Dreyfus Ashby 01636858774

2016 Beaumont Goutte dOr, Chenin Blanc, Late Harvest, Bot River, South Africa, £10.46 (375ml)
A real sweetie! Lush and honeyed. Sipper or as luxurious complement to a dessert. Tasted by Martin Isark

NV Red Muskadel, Nuy Winery, Worchester, South Africa, Alc. 16.5%, £8.22
This multi award-winning sweet red wine is a real palate pleaser.  Drunk over ice or at room temperature this grapey dessert wine will put a big smile on your face.  Tasted by Martin Isark. 

Martin Isark, Food & Drink Journalist, Taster, Author & Consultant  
Contact: Martin Isark
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