The Valentino Truffle Martini is a must try before you die

By Martin Isark
Most Gin Martini lovers around world have been or have it on their bucket list to go to Dukes Hotel in Mayfair, to sip Allessandro Palazzi’s world famous Martinis, but now there is another one to put on your bucket list. Valentino Bau’s Truffle Martini that’s served at the Waterside Inn at Bray

Valentino Bau’ is the Mixologist at the Waterside Inn, Bray, Berkshirethe only restaurant outside France to hold three Michelin stars for over 30 years, and it Valentino’s job to create very special drinks for The Waterside Inn’s well-healed customers, who have in the main tried and done most things in life! Therefore when Alain & Michel Roux’s team create a new dish or drink – it can’t be 99% good, it has to be 100% perfect! And this Truffle Martini is just that.

Valentino asserts that his Black Truffle infusion presents notes of fresh olives when mixed with the award-winning Horse Guards premium Gin. He says I don’t use White Truffles as they are just too powerful, and would mask the subtle flavours from the Gin. For all Martini aficionados, it is simply a must try before you die.

Valentino Truffle Infusion: 
Home made orange bitter, Mancino White Vermouth and a Black Truffle which are all left to infuse for about a week.

The preparation
Chill the bottle of HG Gin & the Martini Glasse/s

The mixing of the Valentino Truffle Martini:
Just a few drops of this powerful liquid are drizzled around the inside of the iced Martini glass, topped up with chilled HG Gin, and finished off with an orange peel twist. The Gin & Glass is chilled as to keep the Martini at the perfect temperature while it is being drunk.

The taste of the Valentino Truffle Martini:
Pronounced aromas of  freshly picked olives, subtle orange and grapefruit notes that skip from the glass, spiral up the sniffer, then the silky sip seduces the tastebuds while it glides effortlessly past to the swallow. A real palate-pleaser for the Martini drinker! Tasted by Martin Isark

Watch Valentino making his Truffle Martini

Martin Isark, Food & Drink Journalist, Taster, Author & Consultant  
Contact: Martin Isark
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