I rocked-up to Cottons Club with the Blonde and she was impressed

By Martin Isark
The Gin explosion in the UK is good if you are G&T or Martini drinker, or if you are one of the owners of the new must have Gin brands: Marylebone, City of London & Horse Guards, but, unfortunately, if you are Rum aficionado, you will struggle to find a bar or restaurant that sells anything that will impress. 

That’s unless you go to the Cottons Club, which is by far the best place to drink Rum & Rhum in London. For the aficionado it is simply a little bit of heaven, it has over 370 rums, and if you are struggling to choose, they have a flight of 4 rums for £20 to tantalise the palate. They are the Plantation 5 Rum from Barbados, Angostura 1919 Rum from Trinidad & Tobago, Appleton  Reserve Blend Rum from Jamaica and fourth up, Matusalem 15 Rum from Dominican Republic, Known as the ‘Cognac of Rums’ it’s aged using sherry’s solera process.
Matusalem 15 rum, is rich, multi-layered and will tantalise your tastebuds from sniff, to sip to swallow.  Tasted by Martin Isark, Aug 2018

I rocked-up to Cottons with the Blonde. Dumb? She’s certainly not! When it comes to Food & Drink, she has seen and done it the world over, you name it she’s probably tasted it! She’s one impressive Blonde.

Born in Gundagai, Australia, famous for the dog on the tucker box statue and the Slim Dusty song… along the road to Gundagai. Maybe it was tucker box statue or the Slim Dusty song that gave the Blonde the inspiration to travel and explore the world of food and drink!

The Blonde,  told Stephane, the manager of Cottons, that she had fond memories of ‘Bundy’, Australia’s Bundaberg Rum, which is one of 372 sold at Cottons and their fresh pineapples.
He said, ‘I have a rum just for you, and poured the Blonde a pineapple infused rum, that she described as heaven sent!

Ying Yang Cocktail that’s half Pina Colada and Frozen Daiquiri which is a real palate pleaser. Better than a straight Pina Colada says the Blonde.

Ebony Wings topped with sweet potato crisp
The spicy glaze jerk sauce, simply delicious and the glaze was fabulous. The Blonde, Aug 2018

Main Courses:
Seafood Platter
Grilled squid, curried mussels, seabass fillets, peppered prawns with rice and peas, fried Plantain and homemade jerk sauce. An interesting combination that worked well with a glass of white wine. The Blonde, Aug 2018. 

Mixed Jerk Grill Platter, Cottons Signature Dish
Jerk chicken pieces and wings, lamb chop and jerk port with rice and peas, fried plantain and jerk sauce.  Want a meat feast that’s threaded with plenty of spicy flavour? Then this main course will hit the spot. Martin Isark, Aug 2018

Mango & Coconut Cheesecake Sorbet & Grilled Mango

The beautifully presented dessert delivered real mango and coconut lick, the taste of  Caribbean on a plate.  Martin Isark, Aug 2018

Cottons the Best Place to drink Rum & Rhum in London
Cottons Club, 157-159 Notting Hill Gate, London, W11 3LF

Martin Isark, Food & Drink Journalist, Taster, Author & Consultant  
Contact: Martin Isark
Contact: Can I Eat It?

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