Martin & The Blonde Go Mad for Sushi

By Martin Isark

The Sushi Shop in Marylebone is one of five shops that you can eat in or they deliver, the others are in Notting Hill, Old Brompton, Hampstead and Richmond. Truly fabulous, if you live in London, but if you reside outside, like I do, then you have to train and/or cab it.

Sushi Shop was founded in 1998 by two French entrepreneurs Gregory Marciano and Herve Louis, it has become the European leader when it comes to creating artisan sushi. It now has 87 shops in France and 32 outside shops in 11 different countries: United Kingdom, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

What sets the Sushi Shop apart is that it offers a wide range of Japanese and Californian sushi with French twist. Many high profile chefs have collaborated with the Sushi Shop. The latest being Anne-Sophie Pic, the only French female chef with three Michelin stars.

Anne asserts my cooking is inspired by Japanese Gastronomy – I love the way it seeks out the very essence of taste through elegant and refine ingredients, Matcha Sobacha sake Katsu and genmacha are some of my favourite products.

Anne-Sophie Pic Limited Edition Box – £24.90
Signature Tuna, Dill, Sobacha 

Signature Tuna, Dill, Sobacha 

The tuna comes coated with cardamom-flavoured honey and Tasmanian peppercorns, Celeriac. green apple remoulade and red chicory.
The Blonde thought it was a really interesting combination. Wonderful balance between the dill, herbaceous and floral notes and the roasted buckwheat seeds adds an enjoyable crunch and the tuna’s salty flavours has your chop sticks reaching for the next piece.

Woodland Maki, Rose Geranium

Woodland Maki, Rose Geranium
Button Mushrooms, Ginger & Rose Geranium
The Blonde, this is certainly different, I’m not big on ginger, but it certainly helps to bring out the spicy and floral notes and helps to clean the palate ready for the next mouthful.

California Goat Cheese, Matcha, Green Tea & Bergamot 

California Goat Cheese, Matcha, Green Tea & Bergamot 
The Blonde found that the citrus and floral notes from the Bergamot promoted the sharp notes from the matcha tea, the crunch from the grilled rice   genmaicha adds another palate dimension. An interesting New v Old World talking point,

Sushi with Yellow Tail, Sage and Lemon Balm Pesto & Smoked Tea

Sushi with Yellow Tail, Sage and Lemon Balm Pesto & Smoked Tea
The Blonde: A flavoursome combination of the  smoked tea, sage and lemon balm has your tastebuds turning somersaults. Should I have the last one? Why not!

What is wonderful about the Sushi Shop is that caters for the Old World & New World Sushi. The Blonde prefers the traditional style and I love the exciting new flavours from the New World with the French twist, We also tasted the very impressive Moscow box at £65.00, Too much for two though!

Contact: The Blonde 
Contact: Martin Isark
Martin Isark, Food & Drink Journalist, Taster, Author & Consultant 

Contact: Can I Eat It?

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