Stecca an Italian Restaurant that mends broken hearts

IT BREAKS MY ‘HEART’ that great Italian restaurants in the UK are as difficult to find as rocking horse shit! Most major British cities have a decent French Restaurant, and the Michelin guide reflects that, but an Italian that presents food that sings of Italy, seems to  hit the flavour road block at the British Channel.  A cardboard pizza from the takeaway is not what Italian cuisine is about. Check out Stecca.

I was invited to a white truffle dinner at Stecca an Italian Restaurant in Chelsea. The restaurant is headed by chef Patron Stefano Stecca. , he’s previously been the main man behind the stove at Michelin starred restaurants for Zafferano, Rosmarino, ToTo’s, and Brunello at The Baglioni hotel. An impressive CV, but can Stecca deliver behind his own stove?

As I walked through the door at Stecca the heady aromas of herbs, white truffles and freshly cooked pasta brought a smile to my face. I’ve just entered heaven. 

First up was Truffle Gin & Tonic created by Mixologist Valentino Baù:
Pronounced aromas of freshly picked olives, subtle orange and grapefruit notes that skip from the glass, spiral up the sniffer, then the silky sip seduces the tastebuds while it glides effortlessly past to the swallow. A real palate-pleaser for the G&T drinker

I started with Poached Eggs with Polenta and Porcini – creamy mushroom polenta with deep yellow yoked egg had had my tastebuds turning somersaults with each mouthful.

Next up Fassona from Oberto Battuta at Coltello the Italian twist on steak tartar, top notch flavoursome beef that melts in your mouth

Homemade Taglierini all’Oovo one mouthful of this heaven sent egg pasta and you’ll never touch dried or bought pasta again

Grilled Beef Fillet with Spinach and Foie Gras: What a combination, not heavy or filling but a truly flavoursome combination

Pandoro with Zabaglione, if you have been disappointed with dry bought Pandoro cake, then try this moist scrumptious dessert served with vanilla ice cream and Amaretto leads you nicely to the coffee and a digestive.

Want the best Italian food in the London? Check out  Stecca. 

Stecca Restaurant
Address: 14 Hollywood Rd, Chelsea, London SW10 9HY.
Contact: 020 7460 2322

Martin Isark has been unwell.
Martin had heart attack in  November. He would like to thank the delightful Ms. Cannoletta , Italian Heart Surgeon at Royal Brompton Hospital, that performed triple bypass surgery, on his broken heart.

Contact: Can I Eat It?

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