Nebbiolo wines that won’t send your Mouth into Electric Shock

Nebbiolo is a thick skinned black Italian grape that strut’s its stuff in Piemonte in North East Italy, producing iconic wines like Barolo & Barbaresco.  Unfortunately, like Pinot Noir from Burgundy, great tasting Nebbiolo wines from Piemonte are expensive and very difficult to find. 

Barolo is regarded as the King and Barbaresco the Queen of Piemonte wines. In their youth they present tongue curling tannins and enamel stripping acidity that sends your mouth into electric shock. Not unlike 100% cocoa chocolate, most consumers will find them difficult to swallow.  

Below are Nebbiolo wines that won’t send your mouth into Electric Shock

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2018 ForteMasso Nebbiolo Langhe  Piemonte, Italy, Alc 14%, £7.07

Easy drinker! A Nebbiolo wine that delivers harmonious mix of cherry notes, soft tanins and ripe acidity that tantalises the palate from the first sip through to the swallow. 
Score 8/10

2013 Essenze Barolo de Comune di Serralunga d’Alba,  Piemonte, North West, Italy Alc.14%, £32.00

This mature Barolo that has the ability to trade punches with the most flavoursome foods. Its assertive flavours are not for the drinker that wants to chill-out with an easy quaffing wine.
Score 8/10

2013 ForteMasso Barolo, Castelletto Riserva, Piemonte, Italy, Alc 14%, £38.00

A mature Barolo that will hit the spot for anyone that wants a quality well made wine, but it is not the quality of 2016.
Score 8/10

2015 Pio Cesare, Barolo, Piemonte, North West, Italy, Alc.14.5%, £59.00

Want to taste an excellent example of very drinkable Barolo?  Grab a bottle of Pio Cesare. This deep ruby wine combines firm tannins, ripe acidity, pronounced berry aromas and flavours of the Nebbiolo grape to perfection. Tasted at VinoVip Cortina.
Score 9/10

2015 ForteMasso Barolo, Castelletto, Piemonte, Italy, Alc 14.5%, £39.26

A Barolo wine that’s well crafted presenting blackfruit and spicy notes threaded with firm acidity and dry tannin lick.  No doubt 2015 vintage is a serious wine, but next to Forte Masso’s amazing 2016 vintage it is second rate.
Score 8/10

2016 ForteMasso Barolo, Castelletto, Piemonte, Italy, Alc 14.5%, £40+

Want to taste a top notch Barolo? The 2016 Forte Masso delivers a perfect 10.  A case won’t be enough!
Score 10/10

2016, Francone,  Barbaresco DOCG  Nebbiolo Piemonte North W, Italy, Alc. 15%, £29.92

Drinks well with and without food! 2016 is an exceptional vintage throughout Piemonte, and this Nebbiolo wine strut’s its stuff with ease.
Score:  8.5/10
To Buy & More Info:

2017 Barbaresco, Macarini, Pertinace, Piemonte, North West, Italy, Alc.14.5%, £40.00

Deep ruby wine that presents pronounced blackfruit notes that come threaded with firm acidity and finished with a dry tannic lick.  Works best when drunk with flavoursome food.   
Score 8/10

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