Take a Bow you Douro Wine Boys

Brewdog Beer Guys & Douro Wine Boys have a similar ethos. Make a quality product that sings of your mantra, you then become evangelists and spread your gospel to the drinking consumers of the world. Simple!

Brewdog Beer Guys decided that mass produced beer was favourless and not worth drinking, so they decided to make a beer that oozed flavour from the first sip to the last swallow. They stood markets throughout the UK, letting the consumers taste their beer they became evangelists preaching the gospel of flavoursome beer to anybody that would listen. Success followed. Now our supermarkets are loaded with beer from breweries that have followed Brewdog’s lead of flavoursome beer. Congratulations to Brewdog for taking the first step.

The Douro Wine Boys are from five wine estates in the Douro in Portugal: Quinta do ValladoNiepoortQuinta do Crasto, Quinta Vale D. Maria and Quinta do Vale Meão. Around twenty years ago they embarked on a mission to elevate the status of Douro’s dry white and red wines to the similar level Douro’s fortified port wines.  Today with lots of passion and plenty of preaching of their mantra on quality in the vineyard and the winery, they have become a must have for the world’s oenophiles.  Take a bow you wonderful Douro Wine Boys.  

2017 Vallado Reserva, Field Blend Douro Portugal, Alc.14.5%, £29.85

Want a well-crafted red wine that complements flavoursome food? Then Vallado Reserva with its pronounced notes of black fruits, spice, liquorice that are all harmoniously threaded with ripe acidity and fine tannins will hit the spot.  
Score: 8.5/10     
Further info: Quinta do Vallado

2019 Vallado Prima Douro Portugal, Alc. 12.5%, £ 10.00

Bored with Chardonnay & Sauvignon Blanc then this white wine will impress with its pronounced notes of lime and lemons showered with ripe acidity that will have your tastebuds dancing right through to swallow and beyond.
Score: 9.5/10
Further Info: Quinta do Vallado

2017, Quinta Vale D Maria, Douro Portugal, Alc. 15.5% £104.00

This red wine oozes quality from sniff to sip to swallow. Enjoy complex well-crafted red wine? Open your wallet and buy as many bottles as you can afford.
Score: 10/10
Further Info: Quinta Vale D. Maria

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