Any Port in a Storm

In the past Sherry & Port was a must have for your drink’s cabinet, but for the last thirty years or so New World wines and white spirits have taken the shelf space from these fortified jewels.

If you are bored with mass produced Chardonnay & Shiraz and fed up with being ripped off by fancy bottle pretty label same distillery Gins then it is time   indulge in Portugal’s handcrafted  Port this Christmas and beyond.

I’m not going to bore you with the different styles of port, but if want to know more Richard Mason’s excellent article in Decanter Magazine delivers all the information you’ll need.  

Marks & Spencer Special Reserve Ruby Port, Oporto, Portugal, 50cl, Alc.20% £8.00 – £12.00

Want an easy drinking Port that’s not going to break the wallet? Then this small bottle works on its own or as a mixer.
Score: 8/10 
More Info:

2017 Vintage Port, Van Zellers & Co. Oporto, Portugal, Alc.20%, £62.86

Just a baby where vintage port is concerned, but it is still very drinkable. Want to buy a well-crafted top-notch vintage port for your cellar this one delivers juicy black fruits threaded with fine tanins and ripe acidity.   It won’t disappoint whenever you pull the cork, but if you want to experience the full multilayered palate experience you’ll need to keep it for 10 years plus. Tasted September 2020
Score: 9.5/10
More Info:

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