About Fiona Allen

Hello from Fiona Allen……married with three lovely kids, actress, comedian and voice artist.

No I was not found in a wicker basket in the Manchester Ship Canal. And no there was not a total eclipse of the sun at my birth – although the local jackals of Lancashire were heard to howl.

A Spanish mother and Lancastrian father. I sailed through my Convent Grammar School (only because l didn’t concentrate) taught by nuns (I still need to apologise for being a minx) and then off to drama school whereby l realised l didn’t like musicals, expressive dance and refused to speak ‘properly’. Seeing as l can do most accents anyway I didn’t see the point. Besides l love the sound of a Northern twang. And when l played a snowflake my friends dad said (and really loudly) ‘Snowflake! You look like a bloody iceberg!’

One of my first jobs was a drink drive Ad whereby the drunken revellers get into a car to the sound of Mungo Jerry In The Summertime. It all ended badly. Cheery. However I knew at the grand old age of seven what l wanted to do. I’ve done all kind of jobs. One of my favourites was Smack The Pony. I still can’t believe l got paid every day for arsing around.

So I decided to write a blog. Why you cry? Food is a constant love in my life so I am going to share  my favourite recipes. I cook whenever I can and l never ever get bored..apart from when my other ‘arf does a very irritating comment, usually after I have slaved away for ages with ‘Can l just make one observation?’ ‘Too much salt?’

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