They don’t cut corners, it costs what it costs

Top-notch boutique wine producers don’t cut corners, it costs what it costs. A cheaper winemaking process or an increase in production to hit regulation price points does not fit with their ethos. This is what wine is all about in my book. The wines below are from Independent Wine Love Italian food? Check out my blogContinue reading “They don’t cut corners, it costs what it costs”

Austrian Wine Industry Born Again

In 70’s & 80’ Austrian & German wine industry, was known mainly for producing sweet and semi sweet wines. To make quality sweet wines you need grapes with high sugar levels. A vintage lacking sunshine would make it almost impossible to make sweet wines.  Well… if you are contracted to making medium sweet wines forContinue reading “Austrian Wine Industry Born Again”

Nebbiolo wines that won’t send your Mouth into Electric Shock

Nebbiolo is a thick skinned black Italian grape that strut’s its stuff in Piemonte in North East Italy, producing iconic wines like Barolo & Barbaresco.  Unfortunately, like Pinot Noir from Burgundy, great tasting Nebbiolo wines from Piemonte are expensive and very difficult to find.  Barolo is regarded as the King and Barbaresco the Queen ofContinue reading “Nebbiolo wines that won’t send your Mouth into Electric Shock”

Don’t let the Italians drink all their best Wines

Going out for Italian meal for many Brits is a Pizza and a bottle of house plonk!  It is slight on foodie Britain that we don’t embrace Italy’s gastronomy like we do others.  Italian food is very much more than slab of humble flat bread pizza and dish of pasta, for example, they have overContinue reading “Don’t let the Italians drink all their best Wines”

Domaine Gayda a Star of the D’oc

Domaine Gayda is star of South of France’s Pays D’oc , a producer that embodies everything that a grower and winemaker should strive towards, and myself being from Shropshire farming family of many generations, understands that more than most. Check out wines the below and enjoy! Want to know more about Domaine Gayda’s ethos orContinue reading “Domaine Gayda a Star of the D’oc”

French Wine from Maison Ventenac

Many traditional winemakers forget when making their wines that the majority of British consumers drink their wine within 48 hours of their purchase. Meaning that most of their quality wines are drunk before they have reached their full potential!  Stéphanie & Olivier have addressed this early consumption by throwing away the rule book and making their winesContinue reading “French Wine from Maison Ventenac”

Les Vignobles Foncalieu, S France

Just how things have moved on, a wine from a cooperative in the South of France in the 1980’s was seen as mediocre at best, and the price reflected that. Today however, the best cooperatives are up there with ones from Alsace, in North Eastern France, and like the Alsatian wines, the Southern French WinesContinue reading “Les Vignobles Foncalieu, S France”

Want the Best Rosé Wine in the World?

They take the making of rosé wine very seriously in the South France, especially, from the regions of Provence and the Languedoc. Rosé is NOT there simply to bulk up the winemaker’s portfolio, it is there because it is their most important wine! Not surprisingly then that these two regions make the best quality roséContinue reading “Want the Best Rosé Wine in the World?”