Domaine Gayda a Star of the D’oc

Domaine Gayda is star of South of France’s Pays D’oc , a producer that embodies everything that a grower and winemaker should strive towards, and myself being from Shropshire farming family of many generations, understands that more than most. Check out wines the below and enjoy! Want to know more about Domaine Gayda’s ethos orContinue reading “Domaine Gayda a Star of the D’oc”

French Wine from Maison Ventenac

Many traditional winemakers forget when making their wines that the majority of British consumers drink their wine within 48 hours of their purchase. Meaning that most of their quality wines are drunk before they have reached their full potential!  Stéphanie & Olivier have addressed this early consumption by throwing away the rule book and making their winesContinue reading “French Wine from Maison Ventenac”

Les Vignobles Foncalieu, S France

Just how things have moved on, a wine from a cooperative in the South of France in the 1980’s was seen as mediocre at best, and the price reflected that. Today however, the best cooperatives are up there with ones from Alsace, in North Eastern France, and like the Alsatian wines, the Southern French WinesContinue reading “Les Vignobles Foncalieu, S France”

Want the Best Rosé Wine in the World?

They take the making of rosé wine very seriously in the South France, especially, from the regions of Provence and the Languedoc. Rosé is NOT there simply to bulk up the winemaker’s portfolio, it is there because it is their most important wine! Not surprisingly then that these two regions make the best quality roséContinue reading “Want the Best Rosé Wine in the World?”

Take me to the Yorkshire Tea Gardens

Over the last forty years the UK has seen a massive improvement in the quality of the food and drink that sits on our supermarket shelves. But tea, our national drink is still a national disgrace. Almost unthinkable now, but up to the early nineties, London was the hub of the tea world, with mostContinue reading “Take me to the Yorkshire Tea Gardens”

Are Whisky Drinkers Being Spun a Good Yarn?

The New Order of whisky investors, it seems are no-longer  prepared to wait the 10 years plus to recoup their investment. They want their returns NOW! To achieve this they are releasing ’embryonic malts’ at 3, 4 & 5 years onto the market at super-premium prices.  Until recently these embryonic single malt whiskies  would  atContinue reading “Are Whisky Drinkers Being Spun a Good Yarn?”

Stecca an Italian Restaurant that mends broken hearts

IT BREAKS MY ‘HEART’ that great Italian restaurants in the UK are as difficult to find as rocking horse shit! Most major British cities have a decent French Restaurant, and the Michelin guide reflects that, but an Italian that presents food that sings of Italy, seems to  hit the flavour road block at the BritishContinue reading “Stecca an Italian Restaurant that mends broken hearts”