I’m shopping for Risotto Rice – so what’s the difference?

Rice like grapes has thousands of different varieties, but just as with grapes only relatively small number make it onto the supermarket shelves.  Indeed like grapes certain types of rice grow better in different parts of the world than others. For example, the chardonnay grape produces its magic in Burgundy, France and the Risotto riceContinue reading “I’m shopping for Risotto Rice – so what’s the difference?”

Buying your cupboard condiments

Don’t let the shape fool you when buying your food cupboard condiments. Manufacturers know all about optical illusions, so don’t be conned by that long thin bottle standing next to the little dumpy one on the eye-level shelf.  Most of us have tried and have been amazed that that tall glass of continental lager actuallyContinue reading “Buying your cupboard condiments”

Food’s fifth taste and it’s not umami

There is a growing momentum in the restaurant world to promote umami, the natural flavour enhancer in some types of food, to the elevated position of the fifth taste! The first four are: sweet, salty, sour and bitter.  Sorry guys.  You are a thousand or so years too late.  Food and drink’s fifth taste isContinue reading “Food’s fifth taste and it’s not umami”

Children don’t have to hunt for Easter Eggs anymore

Seeing those very temping chocolate eggs on the shelves weeks before Easter Sunday must be as frustrating for children as it is for any adult that has given up sugary things for lent.  East Sunday is not until April 8th this year, and that’s still thirteen long days to go! Is it unbearable?  Here areContinue reading “Children don’t have to hunt for Easter Eggs anymore”

Let them eat sludge

It makes my blood boil when that saline sludge starts oozing from bacon. Even supposedly good quality bacon! There may be an argument for the bargain basement range on the supermarket shelves, but not for bacon from the overpriced ‘farm shops’ and ‘farmer’s markets’, the traditional butchers and the expensive deli counters.  Any retailer sellingContinue reading “Let them eat sludge”

Sport relief cupcakes that deliver that ‘I must have another one’ quality

Get your apron and bake these ‘so-easy’ to make cupcakes that deliver that ‘I must have another and another one’ quality.  The recipe is for just twelve, but double or treble it – if you are baking them for a party or a good cause like Sport Relief.  My twelve year old daughter had justContinue reading “Sport relief cupcakes that deliver that ‘I must have another one’ quality”