New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc – White Wine with a Zing

British white wine drinkers love the clean, overt, gooseberry flavour of Sauvignon Blanc, produced so well by wine-makers from New Zealand.  It may surprise UK shoppers though  that it’s not  appreciated as much in Europe or in California where they feel that this fruit driven in-your-face style lacks sophistication and their producers work hard inContinue reading “New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc – White Wine with a Zing”

The Spring Sun’s out its time to change from butter to olive oil

Cheap European travel and the plethora of cooking programmes have made olive oil a serious alternative to butter and other fats.  Supermarkets shelves are always stacked with ten or more different brands or styles.  This of course increases when the warmer weather arrives and shoppers are happy to swap gutsy food for lighter salads drizzledContinue reading “The Spring Sun’s out its time to change from butter to olive oil”

Heston to the rescue for the Waitrose shopper that wants a Palate Pleasing Pukka Pie tonight!

We would all like to cook like Heston, but most of us don’t have the time, three Michelin stars or a gadget laden food lab.  Moreover, his Fat Duck restaurant is a two month wait for a table and the price per head is a trolley load of food.