Any Port in a Storm

In the past Sherry & Port was a must have for your drink’s cabinet, but for the last thirty years or so New World wines and white spirits have taken the shelf space from these fortified jewels. If you are bored with mass produced Chardonnay & Shiraz and fed up with being ripped off byContinue reading “Any Port in a Storm”

Nebbiolo wines that won’t send your Mouth into Electric Shock

Nebbiolo is a thick skinned black Italian grape that strut’s its stuff in Piemonte in North East Italy, producing iconic wines like Barolo & Barbaresco.  Unfortunately, like Pinot Noir from Burgundy, great tasting Nebbiolo wines from Piemonte are expensive and very difficult to find.  Barolo is regarded as the King and Barbaresco the Queen ofContinue reading “Nebbiolo wines that won’t send your Mouth into Electric Shock”

Breathing Bumkum

Page 3 of Times Let the wine breathe? It’s just a waste of drinking time The proper way of getting the best out of the wine — or old-fashioned nonsense? The debate about whether wine is improved by being allowed to breathe has been revived after several experts said that most modern wines could beContinue reading “Breathing Bumkum”


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