Can I Eat It? App Intro for GEO


Solving the problem of delivering a Food & Drink App that fits everyone’s dietary/shopping requirements is an almost impossible task for a developer, especially as no one is a standardised unit; we all customise the badge we choose to wear! The possibilities are endless. Take vegetarians, for example: most are blissfully happy drinking a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc or eating products that aren’t made with free-range eggs but, if you apply the strict Vegetarian Society criteria to an App, both would be listed as non-veggie! But, I hear you say, ‘it’s Ok for me.’

Likewise, if you have food intolerance or a food allergy or if you’re following a diet plan or just savvy shopping, you need a bespoke Food & Drink App that fits your personal requirements, not a standard off the shelf one that does not quite fit! There is only one person who knows what you want, and that’s you, the user! It has taken four hard years to sort out this near impossible problem – but we think we’ve cracked it! We have rebuilt the award-winning Can I Eat It? App so that it now allows the user to take control of the products scanned or added or searched for. The live product share will allow users to keep others up to date and, most importantly, safe. All told, we think we are giving you one helluva start and it’s now down to you to make it happen. Build your own community!

The game changer is the ‘Ok for me?’ feature, which allows users to change a product’s red or green or orange thumb to their own thumb and write their own post it note, which is automatically added to their live Ok for me database. Users can elect to keep their notes private or make them public. More info.

The Can I Eat It? App has an extensive database of over 100,000 products, which might just as well be zero if none match the one in hand. To address this we have added a semi-automatic ‘new product’ form that goes straight into the database. If the product information is wrong there is also an ‘edit product data’ or ‘product not as scanned’ form so that it can be updated. This newly added product automatically goes into your personal database, if you write a note on the product’s ‘Ok for me?’ feature.

Ok for me Database Share:  Products added to the user’s Ok for me database are live and, if public, are shareable. The idea here is that users with the same category or similar interests can add the other’s Ok for me database. More info.

Founder: Martin Isark, Food & Drink Journalist, Taster & Author.
Developers: Other Media & Mateusz Stawecki.

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