Martin Isark has tasted Brewdog’s Beastie beer

By Martin Isark Any drinker trying to stick to their recommended daily allowance (two to three units for women, three to four for men) will be keeping an eye on the percentage of alcohol by volume (ABV) in their favourite beer or wine. But if you avoid every drink carrying a high ABV, you willContinue reading “Martin Isark has tasted Brewdog’s Beastie beer”

Martin Isark says whisky and you say whiskey, let’s call the whole thing off

By Martin Isark It may seem Irish to most drinkers, that in Ireland it’s whiskey, and in Scotland it’s whisky.  Is it simply the same brown spirit with a different spelling or are we talking about two very different whiskies?

An extra sip in the right direction for UK drinkers

Chancellor George Osborne has listened to the drink industry, and cancelled alcohol duty rises and cut beer by 1p a pint, an extra sip in the right direction for UK drinkers. Unfortunately Chancellor,  this won’t be enough to stop the duty-free booze-cruisers or to fill our empty pubs, you’ll need to slash duty far more than mere sipContinue reading “An extra sip in the right direction for UK drinkers”

The Speyside & Highland Drams are Perfect for Burns Night

With good reason, most Scottish distilleries lie in the Speyside area or in the surrounding Highlands. The cleanly flowing rivers, peat and easy access to high-quality barley mean that the distilleries there always have an economical edge over those on the islands, where higher production and transport costs have led to the closure of soContinue reading “The Speyside & Highland Drams are Perfect for Burns Night”

What colour is Rosé?

What colour? Rosé! Then you start to look! White pink, pale pink, blush, pink, rosado, dark pink, very dark pink…  It might be the wrong shade?  There are so many. Which one should I buy? Help! If you have the Can I Eat It? App you can scan the bottle’s barcode and it will provideContinue reading “What colour is Rosé?”

Buy your Mother champagne for this special day – she’s worth it

Why is it that when school holidays come around flights & holidays double in price? Why is it when Valentine’s Day nears those romantic roses rocket in price?  Likewise if you are celebrating Mother’s Day or Mothering Sunday (Christian festival) this 4th Sunday of Lent you’ll find that the price of flowers have soared again!Continue reading “Buy your Mother champagne for this special day – she’s worth it”

New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc – White Wine with a Zing

British white wine drinkers love the clean, overt, gooseberry flavour of Sauvignon Blanc, produced so well by wine-makers from New Zealand.  It may surprise UK shoppers though  that it’s not  appreciated as much in Europe or in California where they feel that this fruit driven in-your-face style lacks sophistication and their producers work hard inContinue reading “New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc – White Wine with a Zing”