Martin Isark has tasted Brewdog’s Beastie beer

By Martin Isark Any drinker trying to stick to their recommended daily allowance (two to three units for women, three to four for men) will be keeping an eye on the percentage of alcohol by volume (ABV) in their favourite beer or wine. But if you avoid every drink carrying a high ABV, you willContinue reading “Martin Isark has tasted Brewdog’s Beastie beer”

Martin Isark says most barman don’t know the difference…

By Martin Isark Ever asked for a Bourbon and been poured a Jack Daniel’s instead? It’s a common mistake: JD is actually a Tennessee whiskey, while bourbon is synonymous with Kentucky – all but a couple of brands of bourbon are made there, and Kentucky is the only state allowed to put its name onContinue reading “Martin Isark says most barman don’t know the difference…”

Martin Isark says whisky and you say whiskey, let’s call the whole thing off

By Martin Isark It may seem Irish to most drinkers, that in Ireland it’s whiskey, and in Scotland it’s whisky.  Is it simply the same brown spirit with a different spelling or are we talking about two very different whiskies?

Children don’t have to hunt for Easter Eggs anymore

Seeing those very temping chocolate eggs on the shelves weeks before Easter Sunday must be as frustrating for children as it is for any adult that has given up sugary things for lent.  East Sunday is not until April 8th this year, and that’s still thirteen long days to go! Is it unbearable?  Here areContinue reading “Children don’t have to hunt for Easter Eggs anymore”