Ever wondered why Anchor butter tastes so different from Lurpak?

By Martin Isark Most shoppers associate butter’s taste by the branded name on the pack, not that it’s a ‘sweet’ or ‘sour’ cream style butter. This brand butter buying works well for the supermarket shopper as most of the big producers stick to one style of butter. Ever wondered why Anchor butter tastes so differentContinue reading “Ever wondered why Anchor butter tastes so different from Lurpak?”

Tasted: Pinot Noir

By Martin Isark If you buy your red burgundy from a top-notch traditional wine merchant or direct from one of Burgundy’s great Pinot Noir producers, then at a price, red burgundy has no equals. Unfortunately though, most red burgundies found at UK’s supermarkets, are at their worst barely drinkable, and at their best, poor valueContinue reading “Tasted: Pinot Noir”

Let them eat sludge!

By Martin Isark It makes my blood boil when that saline sludge starts oozing from bacon. Even supposedly good quality bacon! There may be an argument for the bargain basement range on the supermarket shelves, but not for bacon from the overpriced ‘farm shops’ and ‘farmer’s markets’, the traditional butchers and the expensive deli counters.Continue reading “Let them eat sludge!”