Tasted: Sainsbury’s Fairtrade Original Coffee

By Savvy-shopper Anne. Sainsbury’s Fairtrade Original coffee beans is one of those products, that I grab every time I’m in Sainsbury’s.  It consistently delivers great cup-quality and is always competitively priced. I’ve just received a nice savvy-shopper touch from Sainsbury’s nectar card.  Vouchers with extra points on products that I buy regularly. Sainsbury’s Fairtrade Original coffeeContinue reading “Tasted: Sainsbury’s Fairtrade Original Coffee”

Let them eat sludge!

By Martin Isark It makes my blood boil when that saline sludge starts oozing from bacon. Even supposedly good quality bacon! There may be an argument for the bargain basement range on the supermarket shelves, but not for bacon from the overpriced ‘farm shops’ and ‘farmer’s markets’, the traditional butchers and the expensive deli counters.Continue reading “Let them eat sludge!”

How UK’s Online Supermarkets Surf Up

By Martin Isark Shopping online takes away the hassle, but it also enables you to shop in supermarkets where you wouldn’t be seen dead pushing your trolley! So savvy surfers  – check out how the supermarkets surf up…

Martin Isark says If you’ve never tasted tawny port, you’re missing a real treat.

By Martin Isark If you have never tasted tawny port, you are missing a real treat. Try a bottle and indulge yourself in the fragrant aromas and rich mouth-filling flavours of red fruits, nuts and spice that are somewhat similar in smell and taste to Amontillado and Oloroso sherry.

Martin Isark says University students should be fridge savvy and they’ll have more money to spend on boo…

By Martin Isark Are you’re one of the many University students that will be catering for yourself this year?  Be smart and check out the below on how to be fridge savvy – and you’ll all have more money to spend on boo… Books of course!

Hey you’ve gotta have bubbles during the Christmas or Hogmanay festivities

Hey you’ve gotta have bubbles during the Christmas or Hogmanay festivities, but it doesn’t have to be champagne. If you fancy buck’s fizz (champagne and orange juice) or black velvet (champagne and Guinness), you’ll find that a good-quality fizz works just as well, and is a good deal cheaper.