UK’s Top Ten Supermarkets: How They Rate

At Number 1 is Waitrose. Score: 9.5 /10 Price v Value for Money: Waitrose’s own label prices for weekly staples (sliced bread, butter, milk…) are very competitive and often as not will be at a similar level to ones at Sainsbury’s & Tesco. But stray away to the more enticing products at your cost!

Caveat Emptor for Bourbon Drinkers

Unlike Ireland, where there is three year apprenticeship to be barperson, most of the part-time staff that work behind the bar of our British pubs, have very little knowledge of the spirits that they sell from the back shelf.

The Ultimate Eton Mess

This rain-soaked summer has meant that soft berry fruit grown outdoors is not to going to last in the punnet or the fridge for much longer than a day! Require a quick, spoon- friendly dessert that will use up your soft fruits?  There is none better than an Eton Mess!  Named Eton as it originatedContinue reading “The Ultimate Eton Mess”

Want your coffee in an instant? App these!

We have all now become accustomed to the heady aroma and flavour wafting from our many coffee shops, and the upside to this is that more shoppers are experimenting with fresh rather than instant coffee. This experimentation for most coffee drinkers is still as an occasional treat rather than the norm.  End of. 

Big Improvement for Nearly Neat and G&T Drinkers

Own branded Gin has improved big time since the nineties. Long gone are the days where cheap Gins were made from cheap molasses and tasted of treacle, rather than the clean cereal flavours of the ones that were produced from the more expensive grains. Then the priority was simply hitting the required price point ratherContinue reading “Big Improvement for Nearly Neat and G&T Drinkers”

Street Easy Party Cocktails

Fed up of partying on wine and beer? Want street-easy party cocktails that are simple to create and will make your Queen’s Jubilee celebrations go with a real swing? Don’t want to spend your bank holiday weekend searching for the ingredients either. End of.

Celebrate the Best of British in Hops

We Brits shake off that famous British reserve when we are celebrating a royal wedding and likewise this weekend the ‘bowler hats’ will come off for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee street parties.

Tomberries are back on the shelves at Sainsbury’s

It’s May… and the fruit and veg. shelves are loaded with top notch veggie treats for foodies: English green Asparagus is the best in the world. End of.  British strawberries, especially ones from Scotland, both wild and cultivated are top of the ‘punnet’ when it comes to taste. Jersey Royal new potatoes are the mostContinue reading “Tomberries are back on the shelves at Sainsbury’s”

British asparagus with crunchy salted butter

Buy it and cook it… British asparagus with crunchy salted butter! It’s May and the shelves are now loaded with our home grown green and the sweeter purple asparagus spears.  Don’t miss out on this must have seasonal foodie treat.  You won’t find easier, tastier starter to cook in May. Enjoy.

You don’t have to be Gordon Ramsay or Heston Blumenthal to bake these snack-on sausage rolls with an apple lick.

You don’t have to be Gordon Ramsay or Heston Blumenthal to bake these snack-on sausage rolls with an apple lick.  Not only are they easy to make, they are free from those additives and preservatives that ensure prolonged shelf life!