Avoiding the Fourteen Food Allergens

It’s not until you have or you’re shopping for someone with food intolerance that you realise the importance of a product’s ingredient label. The unrestricted pleasure of taking a product off the shelf – and putting it in the trolley has now gone.  Your shopping trolley rules have changed big time!  Forget those sexy threeContinue reading “Avoiding the Fourteen Food Allergens”

I’m shopping for Risotto Rice – so what’s the difference?

Rice like grapes has thousands of different varieties, but just as with grapes only relatively small number make it onto the supermarket shelves.  Indeed like grapes certain types of rice grow better in different parts of the world than others. For example, the chardonnay grape produces its magic in Burgundy, France and the Risotto riceContinue reading “I’m shopping for Risotto Rice – so what’s the difference?”

The Spring Sun’s out its time to change from butter to olive oil

Cheap European travel and the plethora of cooking programmes have made olive oil a serious alternative to butter and other fats.  Supermarkets shelves are always stacked with ten or more different brands or styles.  This of course increases when the warmer weather arrives and shoppers are happy to swap gutsy food for lighter salads drizzledContinue reading “The Spring Sun’s out its time to change from butter to olive oil”