I’ve tasted Mamba Energy.

By Martin Isark I’ve tasted Mamba Energy. Want a pick-me-up drink? Then like most drinkers, you’ll grab can or two of Red Bull. You may not like the taste, but it hits the spot for going that extra mile, especially, if you’re partying or driving!  And if you want it turbo charged, add shot orContinue reading “I’ve tasted Mamba Energy.”

Ever asked for a Bourbon and been poured a Jack Daniel’s instead?

By Martin Isark Ever asked for a Bourbon and been poured a Jack Daniel’s instead? It’s a common mistake by barman: JD is actually a Tennessee whiskey, while bourbon is synonymous with Kentucky – all but a couple of brands of bourbon are made there, and Kentucky is the only state allowed to put itsContinue reading “Ever asked for a Bourbon and been poured a Jack Daniel’s instead?”

Tasted: Speyside & Highland Malt Whiskies

By Martin Isark With good reason, most Scottish distilleries lie in the Speyside area or in the surrounding Highlands. The cleanly flowing rivers, peat and easy access to high-quality barley mean that the distilleries there always have an economical edge over those on the islands, where higher production and transport costs have led to theContinue reading “Tasted: Speyside & Highland Malt Whiskies”