Ever wondered why Anchor butter tastes so different from Lurpak?

By Martin Isark Most shoppers associate butter’s taste by the branded name on the pack, not that it’s a ‘sweet’ or ‘sour’ cream style butter. This brand butter buying works well for the supermarket shopper as most of the big producers stick to one style of butter. Ever wondered why Anchor butter tastes so differentContinue reading “Ever wondered why Anchor butter tastes so different from Lurpak?”

Tasted: Pinot Noir

By Martin Isark If you buy your red burgundy from a top-notch traditional wine merchant or direct from one of Burgundy’s great Pinot Noir producers, then at a price, red burgundy has no equals. Unfortunately though, most red burgundies found at UK’s supermarkets, are at their worst barely drinkable, and at their best, poor valueContinue reading “Tasted: Pinot Noir”

‘Also’ Adds to the Nut Confusion at Tesco

By Nut-allergy Alexis Tesco have caused a bit of a furore recently by changing some of their allergy labelling.  Their labelling has long been rather controversial with nut allergy sufferers, as it individually specifies whether the recipe uses nuts, whether the ingredients have a risk of contamination with nuts, or whether the factory uses nuts. Continue reading “‘Also’ Adds to the Nut Confusion at Tesco”

How UK’s Online Supermarkets Surf Up

By Martin Isark Shopping online takes away the hassle, but it also enables you to shop in supermarkets where you wouldn’t be seen dead pushing your trolley! So savvy surfers  – check out how the supermarkets surf up…

Martin Isark says If you’ve never tasted tawny port, you’re missing a real treat.

By Martin Isark If you have never tasted tawny port, you are missing a real treat. Try a bottle and indulge yourself in the fragrant aromas and rich mouth-filling flavours of red fruits, nuts and spice that are somewhat similar in smell and taste to Amontillado and Oloroso sherry.

Martin Isark says it’s now time to move over to sherry

By Martin Isark Unfortunately, for some time sherry drinking has been yesterday’s fashion, this complex wine from Spain is still seen as an older generation’s aperitif and never as a complement to food. It has been hard to persuade chardonnay and cabernet drinkers that sherry is worth trying – but change is afoot. 

Martin Isark says University students should be fridge savvy and they’ll have more money to spend on boo…

By Martin Isark Are you’re one of the many University students that will be catering for yourself this year?  Be smart and check out the below on how to be fridge savvy – and you’ll all have more money to spend on boo… Books of course!

Can I Eat It? So Easy to Make Cupcake Recipe

By Martin Isark You’re one of the many millions watching ‘The Great British Bake Off’ on BBC Two. Tad apprehensive that you don’t have the cooking skills of Mary Berry, Delia Smith or the baking know how of Paul Hollywood, but you’re itching to get your apron on and start baking? Then why not tryContinue reading “Can I Eat It? So Easy to Make Cupcake Recipe”