I rocked-up to Cottons Club with the Blonde and she was impressed

By Martin Isark The Gin explosion in the UK is good if you are G&T or Martini drinker, or if you are one of the owners of the new must have Gin brands: Marylebone, City of London & Horse Guards, but, unfortunately, if you are Rum aficionado, you will struggle to find a bar orContinue reading “I rocked-up to Cottons Club with the Blonde and she was impressed”

The Valentino Truffle Martini is a must try before you die

By Martin Isark Most Gin Martini lovers around world have been or have it on their bucket list to go to Dukes Hotel in Mayfair, to sip Allessandro Palazzi’s world famous Martinis, but now there is another one to put on your bucket list. Valentino Bau’s Truffle Martini that’s served at the Waterside Inn at Bray. 

The Chequers Inn is a Restaurant that Michelin Guide has missed

By Martin Isark There are just 120 Michelin Guide inspectors worldwide and on average they eat out 250 meals a year, that’s around 30,000 restaurants that are going to be inspected throughout the world each year. And there are millions of chefs and restaurateurs  around the world praying for an inspection, especially  when you considerContinue reading “The Chequers Inn is a Restaurant that Michelin Guide has missed”

Our Martin has tasted two outstanding South African Sweeties from Dreyfus Ashby

By Martin Isark Dreyfus Ashby are importers of very fine wine, and are generally regarded as the best suppliers in the World for South African and Loire Wines.  I’ve tasted several wines from the D A portfolio, but these two sweeties below really floated my boat.

Fiona dishes up Lentejas her Mum’s crowd-pleaser

by Fiona Allen  My Spanish Mum’s Lentejas, is a lentil and chorizo stew, I find it the perfect crowd-pleaser when I’m cooking for my family and friends. I’ve grown up eating this lovely tasty dish and when we visit my mum’s house she usually has a pot simmering away on the hob. In Spain you wouldContinue reading “Fiona dishes up Lentejas her Mum’s crowd-pleaser”

Bordeaux Wines that deliver from Sip to Swallow

By Martin Isark It is sad state of affairs that supermarket shoppers are palmed off with immature bottom rung Bordeaux red wines that do little to seduce the wine drinker away from the easy drinking, fruit-driven Cabernet, Merlot & Malbec wines from the New World. Surely this is the wrong way to introduce the drinkerContinue reading “Bordeaux Wines that deliver from Sip to Swallow”

Please join our Can I Eat It? ‘Put Sugar’on the Label Campaign NOW.

Please join our Can I Eat It? ‘Put Sugar’on the Label Campaign NOW.   The amount sugar is not on the label of Children’s Vitamins & Food Supplements. Parents have the right to know how much sugar they are giving their children, especially, when some of these products have more sugar than a Mars Bar, andContinue reading “Please join our Can I Eat It? ‘Put Sugar’on the Label Campaign NOW.”

Butcher’s Tap Marlow by Tom Kerridge

By Martin Isark The Butcher’s Tap? Where is it? 15 Spittal Street, Marlow, Bucks What is it? A traditional Butcher’s Shop that is also a sports’ pub, serving local beer & bar snacks. What is it like? There is no getting away from that this is a real Butcher’s!  Large meat counter by day, andContinue reading “Butcher’s Tap Marlow by Tom Kerridge”