Please join our Can I Eat It? ‘Put Sugar’on the Label Campaign NOW.

Please join our Can I Eat It? ‘Put Sugar’on the Label Campaign NOW.   The amount sugar is not on the label of Children’s Vitamins & Food Supplements. Parents have the right to know how much sugar they are giving their children, especially, when some of these products have more sugar than a Mars Bar, andContinue reading “Please join our Can I Eat It? ‘Put Sugar’on the Label Campaign NOW.”

Butcher’s Tap Marlow by Tom Kerridge

By Martin Isark The Butcher’s Tap? Where is it? 15 Spittal Street, Marlow, Bucks What is it? A traditional Butcher’s Shop that is also a sports’ pub, serving local beer & bar snacks. What is it like? There is no getting away from that this is a real Butcher’s!  Large meat counter by day, andContinue reading “Butcher’s Tap Marlow by Tom Kerridge”

I’ve tasted Mamba Energy.

By Martin Isark I’ve tasted Mamba Energy. Want a pick-me-up drink? Then like most drinkers, you’ll grab can or two of Red Bull. You may not like the taste, but it hits the spot for going that extra mile, especially, if you’re partying or driving!  And if you want it turbo charged, add shot orContinue reading “I’ve tasted Mamba Energy.”

Martin’s Tasted Lidl’s Cashew Nuts

By Martin Isark I’ve tasted Lid’s Cashew Nuts! Lidl, the cheap as chips ‘no frills’ supermarket does not score well if you are looking for Waitrose or Sainsbury’s-type standard of fitting or presentation on your trolley trundle, but their  Alesto roasted & salted cashew nuts packed in a ‘baked bean’-like tin  is a product that’sContinue reading “Martin’s Tasted Lidl’s Cashew Nuts”