I’m shopping for Risotto Rice – so what’s the difference?

Rice like grapes has thousands of different varieties, but just as with grapes only relatively small number make it onto the supermarket shelves.  Indeed like grapes certain types of rice grow better in different parts of the world than others. For example, the chardonnay grape produces its magic in Burgundy, France and the Risotto riceContinue reading “I’m shopping for Risotto Rice – so what’s the difference?”

Buy your Mother champagne for this special day – she’s worth it

Why is it that when school holidays come around flights & holidays double in price? Why is it when Valentine’s Day nears those romantic roses rocket in price?  Likewise if you are celebrating Mother’s Day or Mothering Sunday (Christian festival) this 4th Sunday of Lent you’ll find that the price of flowers have soared again!Continue reading “Buy your Mother champagne for this special day – she’s worth it”

Heston to the rescue for the Waitrose shopper that wants a Palate Pleasing Pukka Pie tonight!

We would all like to cook like Heston, but most of us don’t have the time, three Michelin stars or a gadget laden food lab.  Moreover, his Fat Duck restaurant is a two month wait for a table and the price per head is a trolley load of food.