Food’s fifth taste and it’s not umami

There is a growing momentum in the restaurant world to promote umami, the natural flavour enhancer in some types of food, to the elevated position of the fifth taste! The first four are: sweet, salty, sour and bitter.  Sorry guys.  You are a thousand or so years too late.  Food and drink’s fifth taste isContinue reading “Food’s fifth taste and it’s not umami”

New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc – White Wine with a Zing

British white wine drinkers love the clean, overt, gooseberry flavour of Sauvignon Blanc, produced so well by wine-makers from New Zealand.  It may surprise UK shoppers though  that it’s not  appreciated as much in Europe or in California where they feel that this fruit driven in-your-face style lacks sophistication and their producers work hard inContinue reading “New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc – White Wine with a Zing”