Tasted: Boroli Barolo Piedmont Italy

By Martin Isark Tasted Modern Style Boroli Barolo? Barolo is made from the thick-skinned nebbiolo grape that’s grown in Italy’s Piedmont region. There are two styles of Barolo, the Old Traditional and the Modern. There is much debate, over the last twenty years or so, which is the better, but whichever style, a Barolo wineContinue reading “Tasted: Boroli Barolo Piedmont Italy”

Tasted: 30 & 25 Year Old Tasgall Blended Whisky

By Martin Isark What’s this 30 & 25 year old Tasgall whisky at sixty and fifty quid a bottle? Tasgall is not a Scottish distillery or a blue chip brand, but a super-premium blended ‘private label’ whisky that has been created by Asda’s Spirit Buyers. Should you grab it or leave it? 

Tasted: Pinot Noir from New Zealand & Australia

By Martin Isark If you buy your red burgundy from a top-notch traditional wine merchant or direct from one of Burgundy’s great Pinot Noir producers, then at a price, red burgundy has no equals. Unfortunately though, most red burgundies found at UK’s supermarkets, are at their worst barely drinkable, and at their best, poor valueContinue reading “Tasted: Pinot Noir from New Zealand & Australia”

Tasted: San Pellegrino Italian Sparkling Grapefruit

By Martin Isark San Pellegrino sparkling grapefruit is the best I’ve tasted.from a can. Moreover, each top has a hygienic dust cover which makes it perfect for the drinker that prefers drinking straight from the can. Why don’t all drinks canned drinks have them? 

Tasted: Dell’ Ugo Devilish Chocolate Fiorelli Dessert

By Martin Isark Want something different to impress your dinner party guests? Dell’ Ugo’s fresh pasta filled with liquid chocolate and cream cheese is a must try, especially,when served with a dollop of vanilla ice cream.

Martin Isark says If you’ve never tasted tawny port, you’re missing a real treat.

By Martin Isark If you have never tasted tawny port, you are missing a real treat. Try a bottle and indulge yourself in the fragrant aromas and rich mouth-filling flavours of red fruits, nuts and spice that are somewhat similar in smell and taste to Amontillado and Oloroso sherry.

The 10 winners of the Can I Eat It? Retweet Riso Gallo Competition are…

Can I Eat It? is pleased to announce that the 10 winners of the retweet competition that closed at midnight on 23rd October 2013 are:  @clive_antony (we are still trying to contact Clive. Does anyone know him? @WillYoung_fan1 @RheaLeeMaria @cobbiecollinge @ras38 @sweetie_tweeter @Peanutboy1995 @troublestrife10 @karlfoxley @daisyduck123