Martin Isark says it’s now time to move over to sherry

By Martin Isark Unfortunately, for some time sherry drinking has been yesterday’s fashion, this complex wine from Spain is still seen as an older generation’s aperitif and never as a complement to food. It has been hard to persuade chardonnay and cabernet drinkers that sherry is worth trying – but change is afoot. 

Martin Isark says most barman don’t know the difference…

By Martin Isark Ever asked for a Bourbon and been poured a Jack Daniel’s instead? It’s a common mistake: JD is actually a Tennessee whiskey, while bourbon is synonymous with Kentucky – all but a couple of brands of bourbon are made there, and Kentucky is the only state allowed to put its name onContinue reading “Martin Isark says most barman don’t know the difference…”

Follow the winemaker not the grape variety

Great winemakers can make relatively ordinary indigenous grape varieties sing with flavour. For example, Spain’s white, thick skinned, heavily pipped and low yielding Albarino grape would not be vine of choice for any of the world’s viticulturists or oenologists.