Tasted: Laschinger Smoked Salmon

By Savvy-shopper Anne. The middle classes and now University students have found Lidl, my local one was packed with our Uni’s latest intake. Yes… prudently stocking up with this week’s bargains! So be forewarned savvy-shoppers, you’ll now have to get to Lidl’s shelves before the students, if want their best offers. I had to be veryContinue reading “Tasted: Laschinger Smoked Salmon”

Reviewed: Italiamo Arborio Risotto Rice

By Savvy-shopper Anne. Italiamo Arborio Risotto Rice? Most shoppers won’t have heard of the ‘Italiamo’ brand. Why? It is one of LIDL’s many made-up names that they put on their own-label products to give them the look and feel of brand rather than a supermarket own brand! But who cares?  I don’t! To me, Arborio rice is Arborio riceContinue reading “Reviewed: Italiamo Arborio Risotto Rice”