Voice Activation

How to switch Voice Announcement ON & OFF

a)    Go into your iPhone’s Settings (“Settings” icon on the home screen).

b)     Scroll down to General – Tap.

c)    Scroll down to Accessibility –Tap.
d)    Read how to use VoiceOver on this page. Please note that the speaking rate has to be altered from this page.

e)   VoiceOver  – Tap.

f)    VoiceOver – Tap ON.

g)    Read the text on how VoiceOver works.

h)    A blue box appears follow its instructions.

i)     When completed you will hear the announcement: “VoiceOver on”.

j)     Press the Home Button (at the bottom of your screen)

k)    Find and tap the Can I Eat it? Icon to highlight it (In VoiceOver Mode tap to highlight and double tap to open).

l)  Double tap to open.

m)    You are now in Can I Eat It? with Voice Announcements

n)    Start scanning.

o)    When the product is displayed – it will speak the name of the product, tasting note, nutritional information and its allergens.

p)    Tap the screen to stop.

q)     Press the Home button to return to the iPhone’s home screen.

r)     To switch off – tap the Settings’ icon, double tap to open – it will take you straight thru to the VoiceOver page – tap to highlight – double tap to switch off.

s)  To make it easier to switch Voice Announcement Off & On – use the “Triple-click Home” feature in Accessibility settings, which will allow you to toggle VoiceOver easily.

Founder: Martin Isark, Food & Drink Journalist, Taster & Author.
Developers: Other Media & Mateusz Stawecki.


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