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I’m Martin Isark, the founder of “Can I Eat It?”, and along with the Other Media, we’ve worked for the last 4 years on delivering the best possible dietary app. In our most recent app update, we’ve tackled the problem of delivering a food & drink app that fits everyone’s dietary and shopping requirements. The newly released ‘Ok for me’ feature allows you to ‘bespoke’ your app, and share your personal notes with those who will find them most relevant. We believe that this will enable people around the world to build their own food communities and help them stay informed about the quality of the food they eat. We are all well-pleased with the result!

Unfortunately, chewing, slurping and spitting more than 100,000 food and drink products has taken its toll and I like hundreds of millions of other people around the world, I’ve been diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes, so I now too have to watch what I eat.

When you have a life-threatening illness like Diabetes or Cancer your mindset changes, so I’ve decided it’s time to remove the price tag and make the app available to even more people who may benefit from it. Diabetics are just one group of people that have to be very careful of what they eat or drink. There are billions of others who have dietary issues and our award-winning “Can I Eat It?” app is designed to help resolve these issues.

After talking to my partners, we’ve come to a conclusion that the App is far too important of a tool not to have on your iPhone, (before you ask an Android version is next), as most of us are now catering for family and friends with dietary issues whether it is for a food intolerance or an allergy, weight loss or heart healthy diet plan, religious or a lifestyle choice. So from today our Brand New ‘Can I Eat It? The ultimate consumer-driven food & drink App’ will be free. Download it from the App Store, and start building your own community from other users around the world by adding followers and sharing their databases. Together you have the power to see behind the smokescreen created by food retailers. We hope this app will finally bring the power to your community.



Martin Isark
Founder of Can I Eat It?
The ultimate consumer-driven food & drink App


Power to mums & dads, savvy shoppers, foodies, drinkers, dieters, diabetics, coeliacs, vegetarians, vegans…

Build your own food & drink community by adding followers and sharing their databases. Read more 

Bespoke it: There is only person that knows what you want, and that’s you, the user! Choose your own settings so that you can triage out unwanted products.

Get it:  The product’s info by scanning, searching or by entering the barcode. Read more

Change it: A ‘Can I Eat It?’ thumb to one of your own thumbs with the ‘Ok for me?’ featureRead more

Live Traffic Lights: Sugar, fat, saturated fat, salt, carbohydrates & calories    

Nutrition: Slide or input itRead more

Add it:  Millions of products in a database might just as well be zero, if none match the one in hand. To sort this we’ve added a semi-automatic new product form.

Update it: If the product information is wrong, there are ‘edit product data’ or ‘not as scanned’ and ‘reload’ buttons to sort it.

Facebook, Tweet, Text or Email it:

We have given you a helluva start with over 100,000 products in the database it is now down to you to make it happen.

Download Can I Eat It? The ultimate community-driven food & drink App and start building your own community.

Tap this barcode into the App:  5000157071163 (Heinz Baked Beanz) If we make a barcode with this number on it – the press guys can scan it. (I don’t know how to do it).  Just thinking… putting a product in the tray – could we do it through the announcement feature.  

Founder: Martin Isark, Food & Drink Journalist, Taster & Author.
Developers: Other Media & Mateusz Stawecki.


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