Press Release

Can I Eat It? Delivers power to the community

Can I Eat It?
The ultimate community-driven food & drink App.

We have completely rebuilt the award-winning Can I Eat It? App to bring together the world’s food & drink community, so that they can communicate, keep each other up to date and, most importantly safe.  Power to the community!

Simply sign in and choose your user category.  Power to mums & dads, savvy shoppers, foodies, drinkers, dieters, diabetics, coeliacs, vegetarians, vegans… See more.

Build your own food & drink community by adding followers and sharing their databases.  See more.  

Bespoke it: There is only person that knows what you want, and that’s you, the user! Choose your own settings so that you can triage out unwanted products. See more. 

Get or Add it:  The product’s info by scanning, searching or by entering the barcode. See more

Change it: A ‘Can I Eat It?’ thumb to one of your own thumbs with the ‘Ok for me?’ featureSee more.

Live Traffic Lights: Sugar, fat, saturated fat, salt, carbohydrates & calories.   See more.

Nutrition: Slide or input itSee more.

Add it:  Millions of products in a database might just as well be zero, if none match the one in hand. To sort this we have added a semi-automatic new product form. See more.

Update it: If the product information is wrong, there are ‘edit product data’ or ‘not as scanned’ and ‘reload’ buttons to sort it. See more

You can: Facebook, Tweet, Text or Email your products and notes. See more

Voice Announcement: Switch it on and it speaks the scanned product’s information. See more

We have given you a helluva start with over 100,000 products in the database it is now down to you to make it happen.

Download Can I Eat It? The ultimate community-driven food & drink App and start building your own community.

Founder: Martin Isark, Food & Drink Journalist, Taster & Author.
Developers: Other Media & Mateusz Stawecki.

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