Martin Isark has tasted the best Cashew nuts in the world… and they come packed in a baked bean-like tin!

Lidl, the cheap as chips ‘no frills’ supermarket does not score well if you are looking for Waitrose or Sainsbury’s-type standard of fitting or presentation on your trolley trundle, but their  Alesto roasted & salted cashew nuts packed in a ‘baked bean’-like tin  is a product that’s worth making a special detour for. They may have an equal somewhere in the world – but you won’t find better in a UK supermarket.  Check them out!

Below are some of the other nut products that are on the Can I Eat It? UK iPhone App.  Buy the App and scan or enter the barcode/s below. Enjoy

LIDL Alesto Roasted & Salted Cashew Nuts

Try the app now:

Not forgetting:

Barcode: 5051399686479
Tesco Jumbo Honey Roast Cashew & Peanuts
Want jumbo honey Roast cashew & peanuts for snacking? If the ingredients, mix, size and price fits – put a pack in the trolley.

Barcode: 5000169088845

Waitrose Wholesome 50 Walnuts
If you require high quality whole walnuts – then put packet in the trolley.

Barcode: 25135510

ALDI Clancys, Dry Roasted Peanuts
These peanuts have that ‘I must have another handful’ quality.

Barcode: 5050854916304

ASDA Mixed Hazelnuts
Want a packet of blanched and natural hazelnuts for snacking or cooking? If the size and price fits – put a pack in the trolley.


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