Breaking News – A busy in-store Wi-Fi is not as good as 3G or 4G

More and more supermarkets are including an in-store Wi-Fi to help their customers connect to the internet.  Surely that’s great news if you have the Can I Eat It?  iPhone Ap?. Yes and No.

Yes – if the supermarket is quiet and you are not too far away from the store’s wireless router. Then the in-store Wi-Fi is heaven sent for shoppers that want to scan and have a Can I Eat It?  tasting note info at their finger tips.

No – if the supermarket is busy, and most are, you’ll find the in-store signal strength is just too low for surfing the internet and using the Can I Eat It? App.

There is no question that the supermarket’s in-store Wi-Fi will improve big-time, but until that happens we’ recommend that you turn OFF the in-store Wi-Fi – and use 3G or 4G. Happy supermarket scanning!

The Can I Eat It? Team are continually updating and adding more products to the App’s database. If you have the Can I Eat It? App, you can put the products tasted on your iPhone by scanning or entering any of the barcodes below.  You don’t have it yet! Download the app now.

Not forgetting:

Barcode: 5000169051658
Waitrose Essential 24 Wholewheat Biscuits Cereals
If you are a Waitrose shopper then put a packet in the trolley for they deliver similar quality to the brand. Competing Brand: Weetabix

Barcode: 5038862104500
Innocent Apple Juice
Innocent is the market leader when it comes to taste. If the flavour, size and price fits – put a bottle in the trolley.

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