Veggie Tom has tasted Asda Vegetarian White Nut Roasts

By Veggie Tom 
I’ve tasted Asda Vegetarian White Nut Roasts… should you put a pack in the trolley or leave them on the shelf?

Asda Vegetarian White Nut Roasts blurb reads:  No artificial colours, flavours or hydrogenated fat. Vegetarian Society approved. Parsnips, cauliflower, pearl barley and mushrooms with chestnuts, cashews, peanuts, almonds and walnuts topped with mature cheddar.

OK: Ah, nut roast… the vegetarian Christmas dinner of choice for many a year, it’s a dish some think should be confined to history. But done well it can be delicious – and it’s a good fit for Asda’s increased range of frozen veggie bakes.

The tasting note: Asda would not be the first brand you’d expect to find behind a decent veggie nut roast, but times are changing. Lovely chunks of nut give you something satisfying to get your teeth into, and there’s a good flavour of thyme running throughout. The only shortfall is the cheese – melted (veggie) Cheddar is a nice idea on top, but the flavour isn’t totally up to scratch.

The full ingredient list: Mature Cheddar Cheese (16%) , Wheat Flour , Water , Barley , Cauliflower , Mushrooms , Parsnips , Chestnuts (5.6%) , Leeks , Onions , Cashew Nuts (4%) , Peanuts (3.6%) , Almonds (1.8%) , Walnuts (1.2%) , Garlic Purée , Thyme , Water , Yeast Extract , Sage , Yeast , Salt .

Can you eat it? Contains Barley. Contains Gluten. Contains Wheat. Contains Milk. Contains Nuts. Contains Peanuts.

Should you put it in the trolley? A good chunky texture and a pleasant herby taste. The cheese adds something but I could take or leave its flavour.

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Not forgetting:

Barcode: 5052449676259
Asda Vegetarian Cheesy Bean Bites
A very crispy coating but a slightly cheap cheese taste, and the mashed bean interior would be tastier with a few chunks. Tasted by Veggie Tom.


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