Veggie Tom has tasted Asda Extra Special Mainbrace IPA

By Veggie Tom
I’ve tasted Asda Extra Special Mainbrace IPA… should you put a bottle in the trolley or leave it on the shelf?

The blurb reads: Complex & refreshing with a light citrus tang & lingering hoppy aftertaste. Suitable for vegetarians. This exquisitely smooth ale boasts a light malty flavour and is brewed with locally grown hops and chalk filtered mineral water drawn from the well of Britain’s oldest brewer.

OK: The products in Asda’s Extra Special range declare that they have been selected by the chefs at Leiths School of Food and Wine. But that hasn’t, in my experience, guaranteed that the food tastes good. This India Pale Ale has been brewed for the range by Shepherd Neame, which brews a hefty selection of Ales including Spitfire and Bishop’s Finger, and owns the UK rights to some decent overseas lagers like Samuel Adams Boston Lager and Asahi. Supermarket own brand brews can be pretty unremarkable – so how does this one shape up?

The tasting note: Mainbrace IPA is a staggeringly average beer. It has some grapefruity sourness, a touch of sweet malt and a thin bitter aftertaste, none of which do anything to distinguish it. Overall it’s slightly watery. You’ll happily drink it, but you won’t remember it.

Can you eat it? Veggie-friendly, but it contains barley and gluten.

Should you put it in the trolley? Staggeringly average. Grab one if it’s on offer, but there are many better ales on Asda’s shelves.

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Barcode: 5051413995495
Asda Extra Special Mainbrace IPA
Staggeringly average. Grab one if it’s on offer, but there are many better ales on Asda’s shelves. Tasted by Veggie Tom.


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