Tasted: Heston’s Cherry Bakewell Hot Cross Buns

By Martin Isark
I’ve tasted Heston’s  Cherry Bakewell Hot Cross Buns, should you put them in the trolley or leave them on the shelf?

The standard hot cross bun is a sweet spiced breaded bun diced with vine and candied fruits with a white cross on the top.  Simple, but enjoyable!   In past it was just sold on Good Friday, but now the demand is such that it sits on supermarket shelves 24×7. Just perfect for the Hot Cross Bun lover, but also for the shelf-wise supermarkets!

To stop the shopper getting bored and to keep the hot cross buns moving off the shelves there is continuous flow of additions to the traditional recipe.  Popular ones are: chocolate, cranberry, toffee and dates.  You don’t get them for a penny any more, but they are flavoursome additions to the Hot Cross Bun range.

Heston is known for pushing the aroma and the flavour combination boundaries with his recipes. His Earl Grey & Mandarin Hot Cross Bun from last year was seriously good. This year’s well-crafted Cherry Bakewell with its pronounced almond flavour may be a cross too much for the traditional Hot Cross Bun shopper, but a must try for the Heston fans.

Should you put them in the trolley? If you enjoy the smell and taste of Almonds grab a pack or two.

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