Veggie Tom has tasted Clive’s Organic Gluten Free Vegetable Chilli Pie

By Veggie Tom 
I’ve tasted Clive’s Organic Gluten Free Vegetable Chilli Pie… should you put one in the trolley or leave it on the shelf?

Clive’s Organic Gluten Free Vegetable Chilli Pie blurb reads:  Tangy tomatoes, fresh vegetables, kidney beans and sweetcorn with all the colour and spice of Mexico. Clive’s make pies stuffed to bursting point with unique fillings inspired by culinary traditions of the world. This is just one of their extra special range of gluten free products, created so that even on a gluten free diet you can still enjoy the finer things in life. Within their gluten free range Clive’s also make dips, ready meals and award winning cakes.

OK: Chilli in a pie? Why not. A good chilli is hearty, filling and full of deep, complex flavours – and a good vegetable chilli can easily pull off the same trick without using meat. So, is this a good vegetable chilli?

The tasting note: Clive’s Organic can definitely make a decent chilli. It’s not just beans; a mix including sweetcorn, courgettes, carrots and cabbage give your teeth plenty to get themselves into, and there’s a well-balanced hand on the heat. There’s an ever-present risk of the pastry collapsing (which is common with gluten-free pastry) but once cooked, it’s very tasty.

The full ingredient list:  Organically produced, *Water, Tomato 13%, Carrot 11%, Sustainably Sourced Palm Fat, Rice Flour, Onion 7%, Red Kidney Beans 7%, Potato Flour, Maize Flour, Sweetcorn 5%, Cabbage, Green Pepper, Courgette, Buckwheat Flour, Tomato Paste, *Sea Salt, Garlic, Herbs & Spices, Chilli, Mustard and Love, *Approved non-organic.

Specific ingredient? Buckwheat flour helps to make this gluten-free pastry. Buckwheat isn’t related to wheat – instead, its related to sorrel and rhubarb. Its grain-like seeds are used widely across the world, to make soba noodles in Japan, blini pancakes in Russia, crepes in Belgian and some pastas and breads in Italy. Though it contains no gluten, it can be an allergen in its own right.

Can you eat it? Gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan. Contains onion, garlic and mustard. May contain nuts.

Should you put it in the trolley? Nice gluten-free pastry and a well rounded chilli filling with good depth of flavour.

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Not forgetting:

Barcode: 5031102000372
Clive’s Organic Gluten Free French Cassoulet Pie
A nice veggie pie with a tasty filling. The gluten-free pastry’s good, too.  Tasted by Veggie Tom.

Barcode: 5031102000068
Clive’s Organic Arabian Chickpea Pie
A nicely-textured filling with a good tomato flavour, if a little heavy on the tarragon. Tasted by Veggie Tom.

Barcode: 5031102000082
Clive’s Organic Greek Lentil & Olive Pie
A pretty nice gluten-free crust, and you can taste the olives. But the flavour’s not quite balanced, and more lentils would be nice. Tasted by Veggie Tom.

Barcode: 5031102000426
Clive’s Organic Gluten Free Cheese & Potato Pie
Nice crumbly pastry and a great cheese and potato interior. Hearty and filling. Tasted by Veggie Tom.

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