Tasted: Helen’s Dessert Crumble Mix

By Gluten-free Sam
Makes a very respectable gluten-free crumble. 

The product
Gluten-free crumble can be hard to find. With this mix, you can make your own! You just rub in butter, a bit of water and sprinkle on top of poached fruit of your choice. Then bake.

The verdict
I haven’t had apple crumble since my school days so this was a very welcome treat. The crumble had a good flavour and was very light. It’s extremely simple to make and a great pudding for the winter.

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The full ingredient list: Millet, Rice flour, Sugar

Can you eat it? May contain egg, milk and soya. Gluten-free.

Barcode: 5391520170164
Helen’s Dessert Crumble Mix
Makes a very respectable gluten-free crumble Tasted by Gluten-free Sam.

Not forgetting

Barcode: 5016887003503
Linwoods Organic Milled Flaxseed
Nutritionally dense, this can be sprinkled on porridge, cereal, yoghurt or mixed into smoothies to give a boost of fibre and omega 3. Tasted by Gluten-free Sam.



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