Tasted: Essential Waitrose Egg Lasagne Fresh Pasta Sheets

By Savvy-shopper Anne.
Most supermarket-own-branded fresh egg pasta is of excellent quality, but if you want a pack that delivers restaurant quality? Waitrose & Marks & Spencer’s are the ones to buy. 

The product:
Like most fresh egg pasta it is very easy to use and is made with durum wheat semolina, egg and water.

The verdict:
Quicker and easier to use than dried, and the taste is better than many that’s dished up at our so -called Italian restaurants.

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Ingredients: Durum Wheat Semolina, Egg (15%) ,Water.

Barcode: 5000169078914
Essential Waitrose Egg Lasagne Fresh Pasta Sheets
Want restaurant quality lasagne? Put pack of this fresh pasta in the trolley.  Reviewed by Savvy-shopper Anne. 

Barcode: 00635738
Marks & Spencer Fresh Spaghetti with Free Range Eggs
Want fresh spaghetti that delivers restaurant quality? Put a pack in the trolley. Reviewed by Savvy-shopper Anne. 

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