Martin’s Tasted Lidl’s Western Gold Bourbon Whiskey

By Martin Isark
Is it worth grabbing a bottle of  Western Gold 6 Year Old Bourbon Whiskey from Lidl’s booze shelves? 

Western Gold Bourbon Whiskey has been produced at one of Kentucky’s 11 distilleries, but it is not a distillery branded whiskey, but an Own Brand produced for Lidl, the German supermarket.

The taste: It delivers the benchmark coconut and red-fruit notes that you’d expect from a low price point, branded Bourbon whiskey at a very much cheaper price.  Where this Western Gold really scores if you’re a Bourbon or Jack Daniel’s and Cola drinker because you wont’t be able to tell the difference. If so… grab a bottle or two.

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Barcode: 5010196091534
Jim Beam Black Label Bourbon Whiskey
A real knockout if you enjoy a flavoursome spirit. A blast of coconut, red fruits, and new oak hits the nose with a Muhammad Ali-like punch. It’s a smooth sip at the lips, but by the swallow the fiery flavours subject the tastebuds to the old one-two. Want a high quality Kentucky whiskey? Put a bottle in the trolley. Tasted by Martin Isark

Not forgetting:
Maker’s Mark Bourbon Kentucky Whiskey
A palate warmer which charms the tastebuds with a sweeter style of bourbon that, once swallowed, dispatches real heat to the palate, throat and beyond. If the style, size and price fits – put a bottle in the trolley. Tasted by Martin Isark

Barcode: 5099873025871
Woodford Reserve Bourbon Kentucky Whiskey

This is the Macallan of bourbon whiskeys – rich and smooth, with sweet red and yellow fruits blending with delicate coconut and new oak to perfection. If the price fits – put a bottle in the trolley. Tasted by Martin Isark

Barcode: 5000281019116
Bulleit Bourbon Whiskey Kentucky
Not as flavoursome as Wild Turkey or as elegant as Woodford Reserve, but it will hit the spot if you are looking for a silky smooth sipping dram. Tasted by Martin Isark

Barcode: 0721059797009
Wild Turkey Rare Breed Bourbon Whiskey Kentucky
A high octane, palate warmer that charms the tastebuds with honey, coconut, peel fruit and American oak notes from sip to swallow. Want a top notch bourbon? If the price fits – put a bottle in the trolley. Tasted by Martin Isark

Barcode: 8712436102655
Old Samuel Blended Bourbon Whiskey Kentucky
Old Samuel is one of the blended bourbon brands   on the shelves. Typically, these blends deliver red fruit, vanilla, spice, coconut and new American oaky notes. Tasted by Martin Isark

Barcode: 22111647
ALDI Clarke’s Old Kentucky Straight Sour Mash Whiskey Bourbon
This smooth Bourbon delivers notes of spice, red fruits, coconut, vanilla and American oak. At this price, it’s a steal – put a bottle in the trolley. Tasted by Martin Isark
Competing Brand: Makers Mark, Jim Beam, Wild Turkey & Woodford Reserve.

Barcode: 0080244002015
Blantons Straight from the Barrel Bourbon Whiskey
Blantons bourbon typically delivers notes of cereals, peel fruits, vanilla, spice, coconut and American oak. Too good for mixing with cola. Tasted by Martin Isark

Barcode: 5000299101209
Four Roses Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Four Roses is bourbon from Kentucky that typically delivers notes of cereals, peel fruits, spice that are complemented with vanilla, coconut and an American oak lick. The older the whiskey the more melded the notes are on the nose, palate and the swallow. Tasted by Martin Isark

Barcode: 5060045580184
Knob Creek 9 Year Old Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey
Knob Creek is a high octane premium bourbon whiskey produced by Jim Beam brands.  Want a flavoursome fiery bourbon whiskey with a charred coconut oak lick for sipping or mixing? If the size and price fits – put a bottle in the trolley. Tasted by Martin Isark

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